Budget phone

Looking to buy a budget phone? Here is some advice!

If you need a budget phone there are many ways to get your hands on one. Often people choose to go the Chinese route. Many handsets from that country are available on a range of websites, there for the public to buy directly.

Although there are nothing wrong with these handsets, you can certainly hit a dud from time to time. Our suggestions would rather be to look for cheap handsets that are readily available in the United Kingdom and are actually offered by mobile service providers.

Feature phone or smartphone?

All the talk these days is of smartphones so you might just be wondering what a feature phone actually is. Remember life without smartphones? Remember the phones we used to have then? They could maybe play and store some music, send texts, make calls (of course) and browse the WAP internet, but they really weren’t much to speak of. Well, that is a feature phone. They are still available today and they are cheap.

So you need to first decide if you want a feature phone or a smartphone. A lot of the answer has to do with your age and what you need the phone for. No disrespect meant here but if you are older, you probably do not need all the features that a smartphone offers. For this reason, a feature phone is the right phone for you, both in terms of what you need it to do as well as financially. If you love social media, downloading apps, browsing the internet and playing games, a feature phone won’t cut it so then you will want to get your hands on a budget smartphone.


So if you are buying a budget smartphone what should you take notice of?

Here are a few things you should be on the lookout for when buying a budget smartphone.

Processor and memory

Although they can do pretty much everything a flagship smartphone can do, budget smartphones tend to do things a little slower. They also have far less memory than their flagship cousins. That said, you can make some key decisions when looking for a budget smartphone. Start by trying to find one with the fastest processor possible. For example, many budget smartphones only have a single core 1.0 GHz processor. You would rather prefer a dual core 1.2GHz one. This will be significantly faster although will set you back a little more money.

In terms of onboard memory (called RAM), the higher the better. Never go below 512MB and ultimately aim for more than 1 gigabyte. The storage too should be more than 1 gigabyte. Although this isn’t a factor in the performance of the phone, the more storage you have, the more music, apps, videos and pictures you can store on the phone. If possible, chose a budget smartphone that can take a micro SD card. That way you can store even more music, photos, and videos.

Screen size and resolution

Other factors are very much down to personal preference, particularly the size of the screen. Most budget smartphones have screens that are 4 inches wide although some bigger screens (up to 5.5 inches in some cases), do exist. So if that is an important factor to you, rather go for a screen size that you will like. Remember, you probably are going to be saddled with your decision for two years at least, so make the right one! Although the screen size is not that important, screen resolution is. The higher the better but in all honesty, don’t expect too much in this regard when it comes to a budget smartphone.


Camera wise, well this will vary greatly and if we are honest, budget smartphone cameras are not the greatest. They will do a job however, and even take selfies if you are that way inclined! Generally, the camera will be around 5 megapixels. Normally there is only one but some phones do come with a rear and front facing camera.


There are other small elements that you may want to consider when it comes to a smartphone, for instance, does it have an FM radio, does it come with built-in GPS or will you need to download and app? Ultimately, you will know what it is you are looking for and naturally gravitate towards budget smartphones that fit the bill.