Budget phones that you should consider

In this article, we will take a look at a number of phones that you could consider when looking for a cheap smartphone or feature phone.

Lumina 435

With a recommended retail price of £59.95 the Lumina is an excellent budget phone for those who prefer the Windows operating system. This phone can do it all, social media apps (including Facebook and Twitter), instant messaging, play music and pretty much everything you need it to do. This is a great option if you are looking for a well-balanced budget smartphone.

Vodaphone Smart Prime 7

A perfectly acceptable entry level smartphone the Smart Prime runs the popular Android operating system. It has 1 gig of onboard memory and allows for expandable memory of up to 128 gigs through an SD card slot. This is the perfect phone for students as it can run all the apps they need (perhaps not high powered games, but that is a good thing) as well as surf the internet effectively through a 4G connection. One downfall however, it can only be used as part of the Vodaphone network. In our eyes, that really should not be a deal breaker as Vodaphone is one of the top networks in the United Kingdom. It is available at a recommended selling price of £75.

EE Rook

Another excellent phone for students or university goers, the EE Rook offers fast, 4G browsing and runs on the Android operating system. One drawback that people might find off-putting is the fact that it comes with a fairly tiny screen measuring 4 inches. Although this might not be a worry for the younger generation, people with poorer eyesight might want to steer clear of the EE Rook. It has a recommended retail selling price of £49.99

Alcatel OneTouch 10.16

This is probably the most basic phone available on the market today. In fact, it won’t cost you more than a pound and you will even receive airtime! Remember what phones were like when they first came out around two decades ago. Well, the Alcatel OneTouch is very similar. Basically, you will be able to make calls and send texts. It has the added bonus of a radio, however. It is a perfect phone for two distinct groups – young children (as a starter phone) and pensioners (who need something that they can just make calls on). Because it has no apps, cameras or the like, expect the battery to last for up to five days! Surprisingly, this is a massive draw card and many people are buying phones such as these as backup phones, particularly because their batteries last for so long. For example, a phone like this is the perfect thing to take with you on a camping weekend where you want to be able to contact people if need be but you don’t want to worry about finding a plug point to have to charge your phone every day.

Nokia 215

Who can ever forget the Nokia 3310? That model was loved the world over. Nokia has now made the 215, a sturdy phone that is a cross between older models and newer smartphones. So what can you expect? The phone has 2G capability so it offers limited and slow browsing. It does run some apps, however. These include Twitter and Facebook. The real plus point, it is cheap and comes in at £9.99.