About us


Mobile phones are our business! No doubt about it, these technological wonders have taken over the world since they came into the mainstream over two decades ago. And today, we simply cannot live without them.

The thing is, at Nurt Phones, we pride ourselves on the fact that we help people find the right phone for the right price. Quite simply, not everyone can afford the latest Apple iPhone or the newest Samsung Galaxy.

These phones are expensive!

Luckily, there are alternatives – cheaper alternatives! We run this website with that in mind, helping you find mobile contracts to suit your budgetary needs and ultimately highlighting a range of mobile phones that are cost effective.

We pay particular attention to people who ordinarily cannot get a mobile phone contract due to their low credit rating. Maybe you are one of them and have felt the pain of rejection as time and time again you have been told NO when applying for a regular mobile phone contract. Luckily, there are now options for people like you.

These come in the form of a bad credit mobile phone contract, something we have plenty of information about. This includes how to qualify for one, what handsets and contracts are on offer as well as many other important aspects pertaining to these specific contract offerings.

So if you have any questions about cheap mobile phones and bad credit mobile phones, in particular, you have certainly come to the right place!